Living with Hodgkin lymphoma: Coping with your condition

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When Hodgkin lymphoma is part of your life, you may have a range of physical, emotional and practical challenges to cope with.

Symptoms from your Hodgkin lymphoma and side effects from the treatment can have profound physical effects on your body.

As you cope with your condition, it is normal to feel worried, depressed or anxious and some people may be affected more than others. 

You may also need practical support to help you with money matters, travelling to the hospital for treatment, eating properly or, if you have children, child care.

Everyone can benefit from help and support from the people around them, whether that is your family and loved ones, patient support groups, online support networks or others. On the resources section of this page we have gathered some helpful information and practical tips for living with Hodgkin lymphoma.

Life while on treatment

Your life may well change considerably while you are having treatment. You may experience unpleasant side effects and notice some physical changes to your body. Most of the changes and side effects will be temporary, but they can be hard to cope with at the time.

One of the most common side effects of treatment is severe tiredness, also called fatigue. This kind of fatigue is different to normal tiredness and you may find that you are too tired to do anything at all, even watch TV. It is important to look after yourself when you are feeling like this, and not try to do too much. Taking short naps during the day, gentle exercise and eating a healthy diet can help.

Life after treatment

After your treatment has finished, your life may take some time to get back to normal. The side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy can last weeks or months. You may not be able to return to school, college or work full time for a while.    

While you may not miss the treatments, the trips to the hospital or the waiting around, many people do miss the reassurance they get from their healthcare team after their treatment has finished. You may want to join a local support group. You find the links to the support groups below.

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